Acctim 74314 Parona, Red Radio Controlled Wall Clock, 23cm Diameter

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This easy to read, Radio Controlled wall clock is perfect for the home, the office, schools, hospitals, gyms etc. It features a Radio Controlled function for fully automatic set-up and adjust to summer/winter time changes. Simply pop a AA Alkaline battery into the battery compartment. The second hand will then start to turn clockwise & stop at the 12 o’clock position. Within a few minutes, the minute and hour hand will also move to the 12 o’clock position. The clock will then be in the receiving mode. The clock will receive the MSF signal and automatically set to the correct time. Be patient this can take a while. It is recommended that you leave the clock overnight for searching the time signal since the night time allows better transmission of MSF signal reception. When the clock receives the signal, to maintain accuracy it will search for the signal every second hour starting at 1 o’ clock, 3 o’ clock, 5 o’ clock….. Requires 1 x AA battery – not included. We recommend Energizer or Panasonic for our Radio Controlled products.Radio Controlled (UK & Ireland only) – Tuned to the UK’s Atomic Clock transmitter. Featuring fully automatic set-up and adjustment to summer/winter time changes.
Clear, easy to read dial with black numbers. Red plastic case.
12 month guarantee.
Dimensions – 23cm Diameter. 4cm depth. Weight – 0.28kg
Requires 1x AA Battery (not included).

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