KMDECYY 16 PCS Professional Watch Repair Tool Kit KMKT18001

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This tool is help you to change watch band, replacement battery and easily to work for repair watch at home and save money. 

Package included: 
· 1 watch opener 
· 1 back open knife 
· 1 pin remover 
· 3 precision screwdriver 
· 1 Tweezer 
· 1 watch Hammer 
· 1 band Holder 
· 3 pin punch 
· 1 long nose plier 
· 1 pin pusher 
· 1 screwdriver 
· 1 mini screwdriver 

Part Number:KMKT 18001 
Item weight :380g 
Product Dimensions: 34×22×3.5cmThis set contains watch back opener, spring bar remover, long nose pliers, mini screwdriver.
Perfect for watchmakers, collectors. Durable, portable, practical ,convenient and very easy to use.
Small, clean and functional. This watch repair tool kit helps you get your watch problem done at home instead of going for watch repair shops, it’s really a good way to save your money.
Easily to work for repair watch at home and save money.
Convenient storage, easy to take care of them and get the job done by anywhere.