Suunto Unisex Spartan HR Sports Wrist, Black, One Size

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Stay on track with your fitness and dietary goals, and follow the progress with the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist Heart Rate Monitor featuring a precise GPS / GLONASS navigation ensuring a proper route tracking during running / cycling practice sessions, as well as altitude measurement with a built-in altimeter. The device monitor the heart rate in real time, as well as keeps tabs on many other essential data including: distance, time, calories, sleep, pulse, and offers plenty of additional options which can be chosen accordingly to sport types. The tracker supports more than eighty disciplines, and the user-friendly touch display ensures an easy and efficient interface to adjust everything. It’s great for swimming, since offering a water-resistance up to 300ft, as well as extra tracking options for both open space and indoor swimming: stroke rate, count, type and more. The Spartan is compatible with modern iOS and Android systems, and allows for easy data analysis through Suunto Movescount App, whilst the battery can last up to 8h of full-blown use on max power, and GPS.The daily workout and competition companion for over 80 sports such as swimming (water-resistant to 100 m), cycling, running, multi-sports and triathlon – ideal for fitness thanks to the flat design, Regular software update necessary for a smooth and correct performance of the watch
Tracking plus route navigation with waypoints and breadcrumb navigation in real time, measuring of heart rate (ECG accurate), calories and steps, race and interval mode, training plans, rest and recovery time
Quick GPS/GLONASS tracking, GPS altimeter, Bluetooth (as of 4.0), compass, coordinate systems, colour touch screen with three action buttons, precise walking pace thanks to fused speed
Strong through the community: Sharing on Instagram, Runtastic and Facebook, comparison between performances with peer group in Suunto Movescount app, movement photos with current speed displayed and for creation of Suunto Movie
Contents: 1 x sport watch for multi-sport athletes, SS022662000, black included, USB charging cable, up to 12 hours battery performance, bracelet length 24.5 cm, SuuntoLink Software update